How to Restore Classic Largeframe Vespa Scooters

Rotary Valve 2-Strokes 1959 to 2008

This book investigates Vespa restoration in detail. The author strips and rebuilds largeframe models in his workshop, outlining common problems and how to address them. Aimed at the do-it-yourself enthusiast and featuring almost 900 photographs, it is an essential step-by step-guide to the complete renovation of your beloved largeframe scooter.


The 2-stroke Vespa is a style icon - an undoubted classic, and an immediately recognised symbol of its native Italy. Demand for these stylish scooters is booming, and interest in restoring and renovating them is at an all-time high.
With its clear and concise text aided by extensively captioned full colour photographs, this practical book guides the DIY enthusiast through all the stages of restoring a classic largeframe 2-stroke Vespa, taking it from a rusty, unroadworthy wreck back to its factory fresh, former glory. It shows how to assess wear in all mechanical components, then assists in deciding the best and most cost effective method to renovate or repair. The largeframe engines are covered in detail, giving the reader confidence to carry out their own repairs to a high standard - both satisfying and cost effective. Brakes, suspension, electrical systems and brightwork are all addressed, from changing a bulb to welding in a new floor pan. Altogether an essential reference for all Vespa enthusiasts.

About the author

Mark Paxton has owned, repaired and restored classic vehicles for more than 25 years and written extensively about the process in both car and motorcycle  magazines, and several books. A long time admirer of classic Vespas, as much for their intelligent engineering as their undoubted style, he has managed to satisfy his addiction to the aroma of burnt two stroke oil through the ownership of several of Piaggio's finest, which have been ridden on a daily basis as well as on extended European tours. Mark’s other books include: How to Restore Classic Smallframe Vespa Scooters, How to Restore Volkswagen Buses, and Essential Buyer’s Guides for Vespa 2-strokes, Minis, Ford Capris and Citroen 2CVs, all published with Veloce.

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V5028 • Paperback • 27x20.7cm • £35 • 160 pages • 878 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-787110-28-1 • UPC: 6-36847-01028-7. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

How to Restore Classic Largeframe Vespa Scooters

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