Abarth FIAT-based cars

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During the 1950s, Abarth started work on modified components with a number of manufacturers, but it was for its collaboration with Fiat that the company became renowned.


During the early 1950s, Abarth s business was booming in three main areas  custom-built racing cars, tuning/accessories, and modification of production cars. Abarth worked on modifications with a number of manufacturers in Italy and elswehere, and it was for the company's collaboration with Fiat that it became best known. Abarth s version of Fiat s little 600 appeared in 1956, followed by the 500s - the company would continue to produce sporting versions of most of the major Fiat models, bearing the distinctive scorpion and shield logo, until 1971, when Abarth became an integral part of the growing Fiat empire.

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Abarth FIAT-based cars

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