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A celebration of a life that hardly needs introduction; Tazio Nuvolari, the Italian racing legend.


This book was chosen by the Mantuan committee to be the official publication to celebrate Tazio Nuvolari’s centenary and carries a foreword by the Mayor of Mantua, Sergio Genovesi. Translation and editing are by noted vintage Alfa Romeo authority, Angela Cherrett.

Trazio Nuvolari hardly needs an introduction; his exploits and racing prowess have become legend throughout the world. In his homeland of Italy, his name is a national icon: his fame reflected in everything from songs to the use of his name to symbolise every kind of daring and recklessness at the wheel.

We’ve all heard the wonderful, exciting stories about the Flying Mantuan’s exploits at the wheel and now, over forty years since his death, no doubt many believe these tales to be fantasies – ordinary events embellished and exaggerated by the passage of time, constant retelling and hero worship. This book re-examines the legend and, in separating fact from fiction, reveals that Tazio’s best known feats are based on fact and have not been exaggerated at all! Indeed, this book will make the Italian racing red flame of the Nuvolari legend burn even brighter. Amazingly, author Valerio Moretti’s research has been so deep that he has been able to find and include in this book contemporary race reports of almost every race – no matter how small – in which Tazio took part from his first motorcycle race in June 1920 to his last race, driving a Cisitalia Abarth, in April 1950. The Tazio Nuvolari legend grew gradually through over three hundred races from almost grudging acknowledgement of a newcomer’s bravery, through awe of his apparent recklessness to the peak of his popularity when he was regarded as superhuman.

Included in the book is a summary of every machine – two and four-wheeled – raced by Tazio.

About the author

Born in Rome in 1935, Valerio Moretti worked as a self-employed architect and offers much experience of research into motoring history.

Moretti’s posts include President of the Cultural Commission of ASI (Automotoclub Storico Italiano), Vice President of the Historic Commission of FIVA (Federation International Vehicules Anciennes) and the Member representing Italy on the Historic Commission of FIA Federation International de l’Automobile). Valerio was among the first Italians to become interested in historical motorsport.

Amongst the author’s other works are numerous articles and books, including La scommessa di Gianni Lancia, Enzo Ferrari pilota and La Carrozzeria Ghia.

eBook details

eISBN: 978-1-787112-38-4 • eV number: eV5238 • Published: September 2017 • Language: English • Digital edition: First Digital Edition. Base eBook price: £19.99 / $21.99 / €22.99 (vendors may set their own prices, so actual prices may vary).

Original book info

£75 • 272 pages • 272 pictures • ISBN: 978-1-874105-37-5 • UPC: 6-36847-00037-0. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

When Nuvolari Raced…

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