Jaguar E-Type 3.8 & 4.2 litre

The Essential Buyer's Guide

A long-awaited guide for deciding which, if any, E-type to purchase. This pocket-sized book steers buyers past the dazzling exterior to examine systematically, section by section, cars they are considering. Picture-packed to help orientate even newcomers and ensure they buy the best car for their budget.


The 6-cylinder E-type is generally regarded as the world s most beautiful sports car. Such is the allure of this sixties icon, that many have let their heart rule their heads and ended up with a car that remained unfinished or wasn’t right for them in some way. Forty years later, the risks have multiplied hugely, since many E-types appear superficially good but hide a multitude of, usually very expensive, sins. This dedicated buyer s guide, written by someone who had to build his own car the hard way, is packed with the dos and don ts of selecting, viewing and thoroughly assessing any potential purchase, to make sure you enjoy your E-type ownership and avoid ending up with a dispiriting and financially ruinous money-pit.

About the author

A medical writer by profession, Peter has tinkered with old cars and motorcycles since his teens. He has raced in most forms of motorcycle sport and won 2nd place in the prestigious Motor Cycle News Special of the Year competition with his lightweight Norton. He was a technical and roadtest contributor and cartoonist for British Bike Mechanics / British Bike Magazine in the 1980s. He built his first E-type in the early 1960s as an Airfix kit  but has since built his own tuned 2+2 from a collection of parts and advised others on all manner of issues related to these fabulous cars.

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Jaguar E-Type 3.8 & 4.2 litre

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