Jaguar MkI & II Saloons

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This very British saloon car was introduced in 1955 to complement Jaguar’s successful sports and luxury models. It was the company's first monocoque-bodied production car.


Jaguar’s small saloon car was introduced in 1955 to complement the company’s successful sports cars and luxury saloons; it was the marque's first monocoque-bodied production car. The MkII was launched four years later, at which time the first cars became known retrospectively as MkI. The MkII 3.8 was one of the fastest production cars of its time, making it a favourite on the race track as well as on the roads. The cars were all finished to a high standard of luxury in wood and leather. This quintessentially British car was also popular elsewhere in the world, especially in the US.

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Andrea Sparrow is the author of many books on automotive subjects, she writes with a light but amusing and informative style. David Sparrow is an award-winning photographer with an imaginative approach which captures not only the likeness of his subject but its spirit too.

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Jaguar MkI & II Saloons

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