BMW Z-Cars

The complete story of BMW's modern roadsters from Z1 to Z9 is here. All of the qualities that make these cars the favorites for many collectors are defined in detail; and of course, the author includes the Z8 that was featured (or did it star?) in the James Bond film, "The World is Not Enough."


After the many exciting and innovative products in its past, by the mid-1980s BMW was, perhaps, beginning to look a little staid, with a reputation largely based on building surefooted and reliable fast saloons/sedans for the 'executive' market.
The formation of an internal think-tank - BMW Technik - with an ongoing brief to explore all areas of potential product development, allowed bold new ideas to surface.
The first BMW Technik model to make it to production was the Z1 roadster, and this is the reason why today's BMW roadsters carry the letter Z.
Here is the full story of all the Z prototypes and concept cars, and particularly the production models - Z1, Z3 (M-Roadster and M-Coupe) and Z8 - which have done so much to change the public's concept of the BMW marque.

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James Taylor is a well-known writer in several automotive fields. Highly respected for the meticulous research he brings to his work, he has written more than 60 books, including several on BMW subjects. He has contributed to enthusiast motoring publications for more than two decades, and continues to write for magazines both in Britain and overseas.

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BMW Z-Cars

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