The Competition Car Data Logging Manual

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Aimed at amateur racers, this book will no doubt find its way onto the bookshelves of many professionals because of its no-nonsense direct approach to the use of data logging to improve the performance of both car and driver. It includes a buying guide to ensure that you buy a system that suits your present and future needs, and deals with installing and calibrating the system to give useful results. Contains practical advice that will minimize problems with the system, and It deals with strategies to extract the maximum amount of useful information to help mechanics, engineers and drivers. Reveals the secrets of the professionals: what is possible and what is worthwhile.


At last – a practical handbook on how to choose and operate datalogging equipment and get the full benefit from what it tells you. Aimed at the amateur competitor, it covers hardware and software and takes over where the manufacturers instructions run out. It shows how to understand what the data is telling you and how to use it to go faster. It covers standard information screens and shows you how to create your own charts and tables that will illuminate the performance of both the car, the driver and the team. On the way, it deals with systems management issues, how to get quick and easy payoffs, and how to benefit in the long term. It explains how sensors work, how to fit them so they survive and how to calibrate them. The final chapter is a field guide designed to help you run the system, trouble-shoot hardware and software problems and quickly interpret the graphs during an event.


  • Based on real life experience and data
  • Applicable to racing, hillclimbing and autocross
  • Provides guidance for buyers to ensure you get what you need
  • Shows how to create robust and accurate installations
  • Shows how to build and calibrate your own sensors
  • Identifies the quick payoffs that help you go faster
  • Provides strategies for longer term analysis of data
  • Packed with graphs and charts that help you understand the data
  • Unique quick reference field guide
  • Starts from where the manufacturers' instructions leave off ...

About the author

Graham Templeman has been in and around motorsport for more years than he’ll admit, and in that time has raced Minis, Production Sports cars and Formula Ford. He has engineered single seaters, racing sports cars and rally cars, and writes for technical motorsport magazines such as Race Tech, Practical Performance Car, and Full Throttle. Graham's current interest is data logging, about which he has a wide experience of installation, operation and interpretation.

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V4162 • Paperback • 25x20.7cm • £19.99 • 128 pages • 164 colour and b&w pictures • ISBN: 978-1-84584-162-1 • UPC: 6-36847-04162-5. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

The Competition Car Data Logging Manual

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