The Essential Driver’s Handbook

What to do in the event of an accident, roadside first-aid, safety tips for lone drivers & much more

Emergency situations can occur without warning and in any condition – day or night, in fine or inclement weather. This book shows you what to do in the event of an accident, whatever the severity. Practical roadside first aid basics are addressed, as are the practical and legal obligations for all those who may be involved, and explanations of what the emergency services will do, and why. Other situations addressed include how to avoid problems as a lone driver, as well as situations such as car-jacking. Finally, car parks, and their own specific security problems, are discussed.


Everyday on the roads, emergencies happen without warning. This well-illustrated book gives practical advice for those driving situations that we all hope will never happen. Authoritative advice on how to cope with various roadside emergencies is given by the Police, Fire, and Ambulance emergency services, some drawing from personal experiences. Basic roadside first-aid advice is outlined, as well as suggestions about safety equipment that should be carried in a vehicle. Being a lone driver brings its own practical problems, and this book shows how to avoid trouble, and situations that can occur in remote car parks. The more recent crime of car-jacking is examined and precautionary steps suggested. Where relevant, basic legal advice relating to the responsibilities of everyone that may be involved in driving emergencies is offered.


  • Content validated by UK Police, Fire, and Ambulance emergency services
  • Gives authoritative advice on how to cope with various emergencies
  • Suggests safety equipment that should be carried in your vehicle
  • Provides practical advice for lone drivers
  • Advice on roadside first aid procedures
  • Addresses how to prevent car-jacking
  • Advises how to avoid security problems in car parks
  • Contains legal advice, where necessary
  • Draws on personal experiences from a variety of sources
  • Covers those driving situations that we all hope will never happen

About the author

A member of the Guild of Motoring Writers, Bruce has been driving for both work and pleasure for more than forty years in the UK and mainland Europe. In that time he has had practical experience of the safety situations covered within this book, specifically relating to accidents and situations encountered on public roads. Bruce has also been a motor racing Safety Marshal, with the British Automobile Racing Club, and has extensive trackside training in the specifics of handling accident scenes, as well as the practicalities of first-aid and fire-fighting.

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The Essential Driver’s Handbook

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