BMC Competitions Department Secrets

For the London to Sydney Marathon, team instructions included the recommendation that a firearm be carried by the crew of each car ... "A small pistol which can conveniently be located under cover in the car is what we have in mind" ...


The revealing and surprising inside story of the legendary BMC Works Competitions Department told by the three Competition Managers of the highly successful BMC/British Leyland race and rally teams based at Abingdon. The book reveals the inner workings and machinations of one of the most successful motor sport teams Britain has ever seen. Based on previously unpublished internal memos and documents, and the recollections of the prime movers, the book describes the ups and downs, and the politics of big time competition in an exciting era. An excellent and entertaining read and an important factual documentation, no motor sport enthusiast should be without this book.

About the authors

Marcus Chambers - Manager 1955-1961.

Stuart Turner - Manager 1961-1967. He is the author of over 20 books on motorsport, business and public speaking; he is a winner of a Benedictine After Dinner Speaker of the Year Award. After being Britsih Rally Champion navigator for three years, Stuart was Sports Editor of Motoring News before heading the BMC Comptitions Department when Mini Coopers were winning Monte Carlo Rallies. He later headed Ford's Motorsport operation and led the company to many successes. He is now the voluntary CEO of the Motorsport Safety Fund, a registered charity producing publications and films to help keep the sport safe. His latest book is 'Harnessing Horsepower' which is about the life of Pat Moss Carlsson, one of the greatest women drivers of all time. Stuart navigated for her on British rallies, but was then her team manager at BMC. He also rallied with Pat’s husband, the legendary Erik Carlsson, with whom he won the RAC Rally.

Peter Browning - BMC Competition Manager 1967-1970, when the Department closed, this was the period when the Works Sebring MGC was at the fore.

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Hardback. 192 pages. 250mm x 207mm. 205 photos and illustrations. Price subject to change, P&P extra.

BMC Competitions Department Secrets

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