Hounds who heal

It’s a kind of magic

The desire for human connection is a fundamental need. For some, however, the closest they come to this connection begins with a dog. This is the story of six abandoned dogs, who ended up living together and inspiring the development of the unique K9 Project. The story of the people they met, the ones they helped, and the ones they couldn’t.


The K9 Project is a unique organisation that works with ex-shelter dogs, providing therapeutic education, personal development, and canine-assisted coaching. Heart-warming, educational, inspiring, funny – yet sharply realistic – this is the story of human and canine companionship, courage, determination, and resolve. Each dog has a unique gift that can help vulnerable and isolated children and adults discover motivation, self-belief, and that often elusive feeling of connection.
Telling the story of each of the dogs, and many of the people they helped along the way, you’ll also hear from those whose lives have been transformed. Chris Kent, founder of this unique project, describes the laughter, frustration, joy, and tears of the Project’s eight-year journey.
Discover how the very special dogs of the K9 Project have shaped so many lives.


Bringing the magic of people and dogs together
A warm, funny, inspiring, and moving tale of six rescue dogs’ journeys from homeless to hero
How six ex-shelter dogs helped people change their lives
Shaping lives one paw at a time
Dogs giving feedback without judgement; love without strings
The power of the human/canine connection explored in a unique project
Learn about the very special dogs of the K9 Project and how they inspire, motivate and educate
Heartwarming, funny, educational, and sad. A true story of aspiration and healing
Laugh and cry – for the love of dogs and inspirational people
The true story of how ex-shelter dogs achieved positive results with vulnerable and troubled children, teenagers, and adults

About the author

Chris Kent is a multi-skilled professional who has worked with troubled and vulnerable children and their families for 40 years. Working in education, social care, fostering, family support, residential childcare, and youth work, she gained well-rounded experience and considerable expertise. In 2008 she decided to combine her two major passions: working with people, and working alongside animals – in this case, dogs.
With her family of ex-homeless dogs, she created the K9 Project, a non-profit organisation that has helped hundreds of children, teenagers, and adults make changes and achieve their full potential. The K9 Project is unique in its innovative, creative and person-centred approach.

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Hounds who heal

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