Animal Grief

How animals mourn

Science is now providing some remarkable insights into animal behaviour, with crocodiles, for example, emerging as devoted parents, and elephants – like whales – able to communicate with each other across long distances by ultrasound, which is inaudible to our ears. There seems little doubt that animals experience a range of emotions, just as we do; but can they grieve, too ...? Evidence exists that, indeed, they can: in addition, David Alderton – award-winning, multi-million selling specialist animal author – contends that emotions – including grief – can potentially have a survival value for a species. The authoritative, rational text is superbly supported by interesting, sensitive photographs, carefully chosen to be reflective of the subject matter.


  • Unique subject matter, drawing on the latest research
  • Covers both domestic and wild animals
  • A subject that has intrigued pet owners for many years
  • Fascinating insights into the natural world
  • Insights into how grieving may help wild animals to survive
  • How this could affect conservation planning
  • Sensitive, rational approach to the subject
  • The impact on pet owners and their animals
  • Written by an award-winning, multi-million selling specialist animal author
  • A book with widespread appeal for anyone with an interest in the natural world

About the author

David Alderton trained as a veterinarian and his books about dogs have sold over a million copies. David has been awarded the Maxwell Medal by the Dog Writers’ Association of America and has acted as consultant on canine programmes screened by the Discovery Channel. He was very closely involved in the TV documentary celebrating the Crufts Centenary dog show, screened by the UK’s BBC and broadcasters in thirteen other countries worldwide.

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The idea that animals have feelings of any kind -- let alone the ability to grieve -- remains highly controversial, but many owners will freely admit that their animals do show signs of emotion, including grief and loss.

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Animal Grief

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