France: the Essential Guide for Car Enthusiasts

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Whether you prefer vintage models, or the latest sports cars, you’ll find 200 ideas for places to see and events you can take part in across these five unique companion apps to France. Covering everything automotive, from museums and concours d’élégance, to motorsport events and track days, these apps are packed with useful information and essential data.

Paris & the Ile-de-France

With 27 million visitors each year, the 'City of Light' needs little introduction. This edition of the app covers the Paris & the Île-de-France area of France, featuring the best automotive shows and rallies the capital has to offer, as well as things to see and do outside of the city.


Western France

From Normandy and Brittany, to the vineyards of Bordeaux... not forgetting Le Mans! This edition of the app covers the are of Western France, featuring events, shows and circuits including the world-renowned Le Mans 24 Hours.


Southern France

If ever a region is sure to appeal to lovers of motorsport, this must be it! This edition of the app covers the region of Southern France and, among many other things to see and do, contains information on two of Europe's most famous motorsporting events: the Grand Prix de Monaco and the Rallye de Monte Carlo.


Central France & the Alps

Where better to begin your exploration of this part of France than in Lyon? This edition of the app covers the region of Central France & the Alps, covering a broad range of events and shows, including the country's second largest classic car show, Epoqu'Auto, and one of the world's most advanced Formula 1 driving simulators.


North-East France

The North-East corner of France may not enjoy the balmy weather of the Mediterranean, or have the rugged coastal scenery of Brittany, but there's plenty here to make your trip an enjoyable one. This edition of the app covers the region of North-East France.


Whether you’re enjoying a special journey across the channel with friends or a club, or looking to include automotive-themed locations in your family holiday, these apps show you how to combine them with a gourmet meal, wine tasting at a château – or just relaxing on the beach! Full of practical, clear, easy-to-find information, these are the ideal companions when planning a trip, or as an on-the-road reference guide.

Available as five apps spanning the regions of France – Paris & the Île-de-France, Western France, Southern France, Central France & the Alps, and North-East France – each edition contains a wealth of detailed information for the auto enthusiast. With sections on museums, classic and modern car shows, automobilia, buying car parts, historic and modern motorsport events, and race circuits, each entry is illustrated in full colour.

This unique guide provides you with all you need to know to enjoy a visit to France with a motoring twist – when to go, how to get there, and where to find out more.


  • Detailed entries on museums, shows, marketplaces, motorsport events and circuits in each region
  • Interactive maps of each region, showing the location and type of each entry, with the ability to receive directions from your current location to each entry
  • Additional photos and videos not included in the print edition - each edition of the app includes dozens of new photographs exclusive to these apps
  • Vital information is available for each entry, quickly giving you access to opening times, travel information and contact details
  • Search through the entire body of text in the app to find entries relevant to you.

About the author

A passionate Francophile, Julian Parish grew up in southern England but soon crossed the Channel to France, where he has now lived for nearly twenty years. Julian has owned a range of British and American sports cars from the 1960s onwards and has been an active member of clubs dedicated to MG and to the Ford Mustang. It was with these clubs that he first visited many of the places described in this guide, and began to write features for magazines and online. Julian has also been a successful publisher of travel guides and language learning materials.

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